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The Boat Cleaning Company

First Class Boat Cleaning, Restoration and Protection on the River Thames and the South Coast
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The Boat Cleaning Company in the first place started out providing simple but safe washdowns; in time we have grown in knowledge and ability to handle the restoration, enhancement and protection of every cosmetic on board.

With a fully equipped mobile workshop together with an experienced technician the following services can be provided at your location:

Colour matching gel coat repairs (invisible)

Gel coat surface correction (from profiling to high clarity polishing)

Protection applications (for every cosmetic)

Stain/issue removal (every type from rust to scale)

Teak deck cleaning and protecting (Semco System)

Deep cleans (Initial clean to revert all cosmetics to raw)

Follow on PH-neutral washdowns (once fully enhanced and protected)

Monthly or bi-monthly visits (to maintain condition at 100%)

And many more.

Merely whatever your boat needs with attention to enhancing the cosmetics, we can help.

The thinking is pure and simple – get it 100% and keep it 100%.

Technician (Tony Carlow) has over 30 years personal experience in surface cleaning, correction and protection, furthermore Tony would be the only person working on your boat from The Boat Cleaning Company.

The Boat Cleaning Company offers a 100% no quibble satisfaction guarantee on all work.


Tony Carlow from The Boat Cleaning Company dries down a boats surface

First Class Boat Cleaning

Various surface conditions require very different cleaning techniques, for example, when surfaces are smooth and protected, a gentle wash and dry with a PH neutral cleaner should be all that is necessary. When there is water scale deposits or ingrained dirt and stains, you have to be more persuasive. Poor methods such as not pre-soaking, or high PH aggressive cleaners are conventional, and it is when most damage occurs.

After 30 years of experience, The Boat Cleaning Company has a firm grip on what products to use coupled with safe techniques, in effect ensuring the very best results without damage. 

(Pic) Tony Carlow drying water from a painted Stevens steel boat.


What makes The Boat Cleaning Company stand out is the attention to detail. Tony will not stop until every inch of the boat is spotlessly gleaming and meets his own incredibly high standards.

Jack Haines – Motor Boat & Yachting

Machine polishing after Boat Cleaning

Gel coat correction

Correcting surfaces with the highest clarity of reflection is our passion. 

We can perfect surfaces that are almost there. Likewise, we can also bring back the chalky and dull to a condition you wouldn’t believe. 

We enjoy a challenge and we certainly have had our fair share, if you think your boat needs painting because the gel coat is beyond salvage, allow us to provide a demo patch before you go down this costly route. You may be surprised as to what your original gel coat has to offer, despite the current condition.

Tony has a passion for results and an attention to detail rarely seen these days, I would recommend Tony and his company to anyone without hesitation.

Peter Romaine  (Jeanneau 45.2 Lymington)


We have spent many years testing 100’s of products to discover what works the very best in the various marine environments.

With this in mind, The Boat Cleaning Company utilises a concise list of highly durable protection applications that are ultimately the most cost-effective, comparatively, they are the highest performing.

The benefits of having highly polished and reflective surfaces coupled with high-performance protection products are many. They are sealed off to oxygen; harmful rays are reflected and furthermore, water and dirt have no-where to stick to due to the hydrophobic properties.

Consequently, under those circumstances, washing and drying will be much more efficient, of course, equally the surfaces will remain in a better condition for longer.

We protect:

Gel coat | Glass | Stainless Steel | Paint | Teak Decks | Covers | Vinyl | Leather | Plastics | Carbon Fibre


A teak deck can be a thing of beauty; although this may be true, it can also be a maintenance nightmare.

Being one of the first operators in the country to start using the Semco system, we have found their products over the years to be the very best available to clean and seal teak. 

Having the right product is essential, but at the same time so is having the correct method.

Teak reacts badly to poor techniques but responds very well to exemplary methods.

The Boat Cleaning Company have cleaned, restored and protected hundreds of teak decks, that is to say, we have the knowledge and skill to get the most out of the wood, in effect gaining the most significant durability in the marine environment.



The glass is often overlooked on a boat even though it plays an integral part in the overall aesthetics.

Having crystal clear reflective glass looks impressive, but being able to see out of it in all weathers is of paramount importance.

Glass can be de-scaled, highly polished and protected with hydrophobic coatings; as a result, the glass will bead water rapidly improving vision in poor weather.

Generally speaking, like so many other cosmetics on a boat, why have it raw when it can perform.

“Tony has worked hard to get the boat to a certain standard that makes washing & routine cleaning easier, always resulting in a gleaming smooth finish.”

Barry Cooper (Penton Hook)

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